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Pertíñez i Juncosa's
Family's Wine

Les Curtes is a very exclusive wine because we have a very limited production.

An extremely high quality wine, because love for the land is the only thing that moves us to.

A Poboleda's wine which is leveled with the very best of the county, but with the exclusive branch of our family.

Name: Les Curtes
First Wine: Collita 2004
Age: Mínimum 2 years (6 monthes in barrica)
Kind of grapes: Garnatxa and Carinyena
Color: Black
Grapes age: Between 8 and 16 years old
Taste: Aromes de l'entorn. Fonoll, Farigola.
Botles: 500 (numbered)
Elaborated by:
Genium Celler, s.l.